Paradoxical Hair Growth- help

I am a 31 year old female of Irish decent. I decided to undergo laser hair removal when I was 25 years old- I had all my treatments with Laser Clinics Australia.

I had a few sessions on my face and arms for pigment removal (I think the Candela GentleLASE laser was used). A few months after the treatments course hair appeared all in all areas that had been treated (including my forehead).

I had about 5 treatments with the YAG and 20 with Candela GentleLASE lasers. This treatment made the hair even worse but as I only had the YAG periodically I can’t say which was the main source of stimulation. For these sessions which aimed to reduce the paradoxical growth the settings were high.

I had about 10 sessions of Candela GentleLASE on my full legs: the treatment has been partly effective for my lower legs but from above my knew to my bikini line I have thick dark hair that I never had.

I have spend thousands of dollars on my face and arms with electrolysis which has been effective and still ongoing (with probably years to go)but I can’t afford to do the same for my legs and given the number of hairs located in this area electrolysis would not see practical of such a large area.

I know that my legs were treated with a range of settings- starting from low to very high for about 5 sessions. As I had regular treatments I can’t speculate as to when the prominent hair growth commenced.

I don’t want to just bleach, shave, or wax.

I would be extremely if anyone has any ideas on what kind of machine or settings may be effective in removing or reducing my course dark paradoxical hair growth.

Whereabouts in Australia are you based? There are 2 electrologists who post on this forum based in Syndney I think who use Apilus Platinums - Christine O’ Connell and Sahar Tehfe. I have had one full clearance on my arms and full legs with electrolysis in the UK and have already achieved good results from this single clearing. I intend to have another 2 or so clearances. If you search on this forum, there are others who have their legs cleared with electrolysis. It is not an impractical area to do at all. Search for ‘marathon sessions’.

Thanks for your reply. I am currently proceeding with marathons at Christine O Connel’s clinic.