PalyMS, DIY'er, James....I Need Some Serious Help Please!

I just received my UNI-PROBE Autoblend Eplilator today from TES. I received the unit, foot switch, hand-held ground and power cord. Wasn’t I supposed to get a needle holder with it and an instruction manuel? I’m so confused right now. Paly, DIY’er, what did you all receive with the unit and can you recommend a needle holder/needles to use? I’m so disappointed that I can’t use this machine until I order more stuff. And although I’ve read a lot on electrolysis, every unit is different and I would think that it would at least have an instruction manuel with go with it. Thanks in advance!!


Did you buy a new epilator? If so, you should have definitely received a stylus and needlecord. I’m not sure about an instruction manual. I know the owner of Uni-probe pretty well and he only puts out quality products. Here is a link to what should have been included with your machine if it was new. Good luck!

Yes Alan it was new! $899 from Texas Electrolysis Supply. No probes and no probe holder.

If you contact Uniprobe directly, or TES they will send you the missing items. You should have everything to start treatment in the box. The only thing some manufacturers don’t include in the new package is a starter set of probes.

Some companies don’t give you a manual, or the manual is only fundamental information on how this machine is set, while assuming you know what that means. Just think of it as an auto mechanic’s book written for other auto mechanics.

For a full understanding you will need to get an electrolysis text like Mike Bono’s The Blend, or Meharg & Richards Cosmetic and Medical Electrology.

I contacted TES and explained the situation. The “Dr.” sounded a bit upset for contacting him. Then after a bit he explained that the probe holder, probes and instruction manuel would be shipped separatly from Uniprobe themselves. That seems odd! He told me to give it to the end of the week to receive the other package. I’ve tried everything I can think of to get Mike Bono’s book, but it’s no longer available. I got, “Cosmetic and Medical Electrolysis and Temporary Hair Removal”.

Rest assured, the owner of TES is a retired Doctor. He is also a little rough around the edges. Heart of Gold, but can be gruff at times. I am sure he was only grumbling because the company would have given you the stuff without him calling, had you called them fist.

Either way, you followed through, and will have all the pieces soon.

Thanks for the reassurance, James.