Palomar Starlux Feedback

Hey guys,

Just curious if anyone has had any good results with the Starlux IPL by Palomar? Normally I’d always steer clear of IPL but wondering if anyone has had good results. Reason I ask is because the very first time I did “laser” it was 4 sessions on my stomach and was with the Lumenis One IPL, I then finished with 3 or 4 alexandrite sessions. Anyway, that was one of the best areas I’ve had for results. The dark coarse hair is 100% gone, something that I don’t have anywhere else.

I’ve done a bunch of sessions on my underarms with various lasers, mostly all alexandrite but was just looking today and the reduction has been very minimal which is odd as same settings were used elsewhere and I’ve had great results. No one seems to have the Lumenis One but a few places have Palomar Starlux so debating on trying it for underarms. I realize operator skill is 90% of the battle but just curious if anyone has had good feedback or if I should avoid. Thanks!

I know a lady that uses that machine in Israel. She speaks very highly of it.
In Israel even though it’s an IPL, you need to have a doctor to use it.