Palomar medical

I was wondering if anyone has any information on the deal between palomar medical and gillette to make a home-use laser hair removal system for women. They plan to have the developement of the product completely finished in august 2006. Which means it may be available for commercial use in ealry 2007. The product looks very promising for those who would feel more comfortable at home and who cant afford the cost of physician conducted sessions. Palomar has also recently released a laser that works on all skin types and hair color, probably why they feel they can create a home-use system. Althought results are different for each person, we all know that.

My real question is why is it being marketed or stated as being only for women. I have never heard of a laser system only working on one gender, therefore I am wondering if it is just a marketing ploy or if there is any reason to this.

I think this may be the best option for those who wish to at least reduce hair and get rid of it for longer period of times. I personally feel this product will give help until further methods, especially until Sirna Therapeutics’ topical gene supressor (barring any complications in human trials)is available to the public.

Thanks for any help ahead of time

The trials submitted to the FDA said that Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation reduces the diameter of the hairs, and it is ASSUMED that continued use would reduce all hairs “to the point of insignificance”.

A home use LASER would have to be weak enough to be difficult if not impossible to cause serious harm without serious misuse.

Male hairs are always thicker than the average female hair, and therefore would require much more treatment energy to gain any effect at all.

Even if this home laser is not strong enough to get rid of a large percentage of hair, do you think it would be as effective as waxing. Meaning the amount of hairlessness you recieve after laser treatment would be the same as waxing. Therefore you could do large areas with a slight possibility of finer and less regrowth. I think laser treatments are easier and less painful than waxing, at least for me.