Palomar EsteLux?

I was wondering if anybody had any information on the effectiveness of this machine. How fast does hair grow back? Does it permantly rid hair? Pain expectations? Thank you. :smile:

I have had two sets of treatments on my chest and abs with the Palomar Medilux at the Aesthetic Laser Center of Seattle. The Medilux is newer machine that replaces the Estelux. I have very pale skin and dark hair. The treatments were done without any kind of topical anesthetic or pain killers. Though, anesthetic is an option if you want. The treatments really did not hurt that badly at all. As others have said, it felt a lot a like being snapped with rubber bands. Post-treatment was not a big deal either. I iced the treated areas a few times the day of and was able to shave again within 3 days.

After two treatments and 2 ½ months, I am extremely pleased. About 80% of the hair on my chest and abs is now gone. Overall, I would highly recommend Palomar IPL.