Palomar EsteLux IPL

Has anyone had any experience with this IPL machine?
It seems that it works to some extent… Hair hasnt grown back much yet, but it seems to leave a nubby feeling as if I shaved the area…
This practitioner has the palomar estelux IPL and another palomar that is not an IPL. Am I better off without the IPL even tho treatments take longer because it has a smaller handpiece?

Had my first treatment with a Palomar Estelux/Multilux IPL on Friday.
Full leg done in about one and a half hours.
My legs feel they way they usually feel 1 day after shaving, considering it actually 5 days later this is a vast improvement in its self.
Remember that the dead hair is still working its way out of your skin so it bound to feel a bit weird for a week or two.

just an FYI in case you’re not aware. IPL is not a laser and on most forums, consumers report negative experiences. It has a high chance of burning the skin as well. It’s better for other skin treatments than hair removal.

None of these devices produce permanent hair removal. Just ask the people that made the machine. If they say it does get it in writting. Please read the research this forum has done for you and read carefully before you have further treatment.

This website is run by electrologists. It is not really a good idea to take what a competitor is saying as a fact. Doing research means examining unbiased studies and websites.

In addition, there are dozens of laser devices on the market and even if a person uses the best one for his skin and hair type, results vary from person to person.