Palomar Cool Touch Laser fair skin/ blond hair

I have been checking out laser hair rmoval for a while being as my electrolsis isn’t quite going as fast as I had hoped. The only problem is that some web site say that fair skin is good but blond hair ca’nt be treated. I got an email from a doctor in my are about the Palomar cool touch laser. They said the Palomar Cool Touch Laser does a much better job on Permanant hair removal. The cost for the upper lip and chin would be $100.00 per treatment, and you would need 3-5 treatments. I was wondering if anyone had any experince with this laser or heard anything about it. Also will it get rid of blond hairon fair skin?

Mag: All lasers that are approved for hair removal need one thing - a target chromophore, which is melanin. If there is no melanin (as in white hair, or pale blonde hair) then there is no target, and therefore, no effective treatment. As yet, there is no machine out there that can treat white or blonde hair (yes, I have tried the Aurora machine by Syneron - can’t see that it does any more than a regular IPL, which is more like waxing than permanent hair reduction). Electrolysis is really the only option at this point.