Palomar and Gillette to develop home-use laser


Gillette invests in laser hair removal device
Wed February 19, 2003 10:14 AM ET
BURLINGTON, Mass., Feb 19 (Reuters) - Consumer products maker Gillette Co. G.N on Wednesday said it would invest up to $7 million with Palomar Medical Technologies Inc. PMTI.O to develop an at-home laser hair removal device for women.
Shares of Palomar jumped as high as $2.91, after the deal was announced, before trading up 45 cents, or 20.8 percent, at $2.61 on Nasdaq. Gillette edged up 4 cents to $30.14 on the New York Stock Exchange.

Gillette plans to invest up to $7 million over the next 30 months to develop the device, which would be an at-home version of a costly hair removal machine that can only be used at a doctor’s office.

For now, the deal covers only research and development, but if testing and regulatory requirements are met, the two companies said they will consider a commercial launch.

Ironically, the product – if successful – could cut into demand for Gillette’s namesake razors, but a spokeswoman said the company hoped that any new product would “augment and enhance” the razor business.


How ironic! Gillette makes the Mach3 and Mach3 Turbo. They also own the electric razor maker Braun!



This seems a bit scary - if they were going to be able to avoid being
dogged by tons of lawsuits by people misusing it, they’d have to make
it so weak that it wouldn’t be very effective. That is, unless they have
some amazing new laser technology…


You guys almost sound like you don’t want them to develope it - all this hair removal/ reduction is temporary anyways seeing how new hairs will always grow in in the future -

Laser is way too expensive, compare it as you want it still comes out of the consumers pocket,
750x8=6000 arms lasered for instance and the hair could still grow back???

There has to be a better way


There are now reports of melanomas induced by lasers in the JOURNAL OF THE ACADEMY OF DERMATOLOGY. These patients only had 6 joules of energy applied for skin problems while hair removal lasers use 50-60 joules.

When Gillette finds out about this they will drop lasers like a hot potato. Some patients have melanomas before they are exposed to laser and lasers will make them worse. The fun is about to begin. Lawsuits will abound. Too bad for the patients but Palomar desrves everything that will happen to them (I have a crystal ball).