Palo Alto: Cindy Greene, R.E., CPE

Cindy Greene, R.E., CPE<br>

<p> 378 Cambridge Ave. <br>
<em>Suite D</em><br>
Palo Alto, CA 94306<br>
(650) 327/2404 <br>
<p> Office Hours:<br>
Tues. - Sat. Tues., Wed., & Thurs., 9 to 7, Fri., & Sat. 9 to 5
<p> Description of Practice:
<p>Our office offers the latest in PERMANENT hair removal techniques! By the way,
as of 2003, ELECTROLYSIS is considered the only method of PERMANENT hair removal
by the FDA. At Cindy Greene Electrolysis we offer a private serene environment
with all of the latest equipment & information. We offer the latest advancements
in permanent hair removal including new equipment that is less irritating and
less uncomfortable. We also offer great topical anesthetics. We have been in
business for 17 years and are referred by most of the Doctor’s in our area.
We are not only R.E.'s but also have our CPE credentials. We keep up with all
of the latest information on hair removal techniques not only in the USA, but
also what’s going on in other areas. Please call if you would like a free consultation
either over the phone or in person. We try to get back to you within 24 hours.
All calls are confidential. Thank you for taking the time to read our information.
Cindy & Gina .
<p align=“center”>Some things for our new clients to know. <br>
When having electrolysis treatments you should not feel the insertion of the
electrolysis probe (if probe type electrolysis is being used) and you should
not feel the hair being tweezed out. The after effects of electrolysis (when
done properly) should be minimal. Most of our clients are able to go back to
work or continue on with their day as usual without hiding because of severe
redness. There should be NO discomfort afterwards. There should be NO infection
or scabbing afterwards. Just a few hints for you. Hope this information is helpful!