Painful insertions

So my daughter started electrolysis two months ago, and just today i got to look at her lip under the light, and i am quite disappointed with results, or lack of, rather…
She told me that she can feel the needle poking thru the skin and it feels like bursting a balloon with a needle, and she says it’s quite painful. Electrologist that we go to is also using ice on her, so in one hour session she can maybe remove a 30 hairs if even that much. My daughter has very dense upper lip hair, that she only bleached so far.She was instructed by electrologist to cut them real short, so now i am totally unable to see any difference or results.
Considering painful and skin-piercing insertions, i am concerned that her angle is not correct and she actually just breaks the hair off under the skin, which will result in wasting of money fuel and time.
I had half hour session with her myself, and i also felt piercing insertions and tugging on the hair after treatment so it will release.
Should i look for someone else? I feel bad for my daughter, she is only 14 and willing to this, but it shouldn’t feel the way it does.
Thanks in advance!

I would bet that this person doesn’t have great vision equipment. Many people who are out of their depth when attempting an upper lip treatment simply stick the probe in the general area of the hair, and burn a hole in the skin. Add to this a tentative insertion depth and one is guaranteed to blow holes in the skin, singe of hairs below the skin’s surface, and have hairs break off when one tries to remove them after the alleged treatment.

Please call me my old friend, as I have a recommendation for you of someone who can help you and your daughter.