Painful at first - not to shabby afterwards....

I recently purchased the Braun Ever-Soft. Fancy little gadget!

I must say it works pretty damn good. The first time I put it to the test - I didn’t know what to think. The pain was so intense / different, that I really didn’t know if I should continue or not. I pressed on and after a while I became used to the feeling. The belly (treasure trail) was extremely sensitive!

I had gotten a wax job once before - and this wasn’t like it. It’s the same feeling, but with the epilator it is very slow. And you are controlling it yourself. The first operation took me a long time to get the job done:

A) Because you almost need to take a break and focus on something other than pain for a while.

B) With a lot of hair it is a slow process.

Make sure you trim your hair down - so it doesn’t clog up the rotor. I also found it’s not as painful when the hair is trim. It is much more efficent when the hairs are straight and just the right length instead of curly and long.

The second time using the epilator which was tonight - it was not painful at all or there was very little pain. There were only a few stray hairs. Sometimes you feel a little pull, most of the time I felt nothing.

Between uses I applied a hair inhibitor by Parissa (Azulene Oil).

I’ve found that a bath after epilating feels really good…actually now that I think about it, the first time - my skin was too sensitive. It was red for at least a day or more. They suggest doing it at night - which I would recommend…especially if it’s your first time, because during the day you will constantly look at all the red bumps on your body wondering when the are going to go away. It’s a little nerve racking. But they do go away.

I did everything but the legs - so you’re on your own there. :wink:

I picked up my epilator at Canadian Tire.
$69 CDN + TAX


PS. Enjoy the first time guys…girls I don’t know if it’s the same experience.


First of all, Welcome to HairTell:

Yes, your first time with a Epilator is a little uncomfortable.
The second time, the few hairs that broke off the first time were the one’s you felt a little more than the rest on the second time.
The third time will be a breeze. :wink:

Have you tried Foliating in the shower before you use your Epilator? With your skin pores opened up, and the hairs massaged it not only makes removing hairs much easier to remove but it gets those hairs that want to lay flat on the skin.
Also, with the ole “trial and error” method you will get better and faster.

Did you know, that you can use a Epilator on any part of your body?
But remember, some parts on the body are much more sensitive than others, so the conditioning part may take a little longer.
So you can get that smooth look anywhere you want it, just like the women can.
Look at it this way, do you like to see a women's private area smooth?,,,,,,so do they on men.

As far as removing hairs from a male or female, it’s bascily the same feeling, for removing any hair folicole from the skin.
The only difference would be the facial hair on a man, those hairs are a little more uncomfortable to remove on a man than a woman but even a man can use it on his face without any problems.
After all how many men do know, like to shave?
Nada, Zip, Zero,right?

I've been using a Duel Rotary Epitator for a long time and love it.
It took me a long time and I tried many things to rid hair of where I didn't want it.
So, of all the temp methods, I perfer the Epilator.