OK, the question is very simple…how painful is laser hair removal?

I have been plucking my eyebrows, chin, upper lip and cheeks for years…I do go every so often to get my eyebrows shapped by waxing, and the women is always surprised at how high my tolerance for pain is. I never flinch or anything, but it does hurt. So I am wondering if I can handle daily plucking and an occasional waxing, will laser treatment be a minor annoyance for me or will I be praying to pass out???

I have my free consultation scheduled for Sunday. Any chance that some places do a “test” run to give a person an idea of what to expect?!

Yes, some places will offer a couple of test “zaps” to let you see what it feels like.

Places with more nerve endings or close to bones (like shins and ankles) hurt more than places where there is lots of fat or muscle (like thighs and calves) to absorb the laser energy. Also, the more target (the thicker the hair) the more painful.

I haven’t had any laser on my face, but I would imagine that the eyebrows would be painful as there are lots of nerve endings and also near the brow bone.

To me, it feels like being stung by bees. I would describe it as highly unpleasant, but tolerable, although everyone experiences pain a little differently. The good thing is that the pain is very transitory – once it is over, the pain is pretty much gone. Sometimes the skin feels a little warm afterwards for a few hours afterwards – like the glow of a sunburn.

It helps to dose yourself up on Motrin (I take 4) and use an anesthetic cream, like Emla.

the above description is very accurate!
i went for a test zap, and that one teeny zap may or may not hurt, but once you get the whole thing done it is a lot more uncomfortable than the test zap may indicate!
i just had my bikini, inner thighs, lower legs and big toes done.
big toe and lower leg were the worst; i actually had to bite my hand and yelled a bit as well as broke out in a kind of cold sweat, especially above my ankles, but the pain is gone the second the laser passes over it so it is very temporary. i think the “elastic” band comparison is good, but does not prepare you for the shock of lots of elastic bands in quick succession. i would say try plucking out a thick hair in your shin and feel that pain, then imagine it every half second over the entire area to be treated. add to it a deeper kind of “sting”. of course, the pain changes massively with the area being treated, with some areas (in my case, the thigh) being hardly painful at all. it IS instantaneous though, and although my skin is pretty sensitive the redness was gone by the next day (i used some lotion provided), quicker than when i wax, which surprised me.
i will add that i was just before my period which is supposed to be more painful (the timing just worked out that way), and that i did use the clinics aneasthetic cream, which i am not sure worked very well. next time i will use Emla, as i hear you can buy it online and it is supposed to be the strongest.

its the kind of stingy quick pain that makes you want to jump about and go “ow! ow! ow!” and break you out in a sweat, but only in certain areas. its nothing like a throbbing or deep pain and is gone immediately. very tolerable!!!

all in all, i think it is worth it. my treatment took one hour, i’d say 30% of it was very painful and the other 70% medium to nothing.

good luck!

The pain is bearable for most, but some areas can bring a tear to the eye, especially the upper lip. If you are concerned about pain, many topical anesthetics like EMLA and ELA-Max can greatly reduce the pain. If you have a high tolerance, they may not be necessary at all. The rubber band snap is typical, but it can definitely feel like a bee sting sometimes.