pain when hair tweezed...


Yesterday I had an hour long treatment. Each hair would be treated with the needle for a couple seconds. I felt a little pain. Then she would remove the hair with the tweezers and it felt as though I were just at home tweezing the hair in the mirror. The tweezing was painful. She even struggled with some of them.

My question is… If the hair is actually being properly treated am I suppose to feel pain as she is plucking it out? Also, shouldn’t there be a bulb at the end of the treated hairs after they are pulled out?

Should I find a different electrologist?

Saying that it felt like an actual tweeze is not good. Sometimes a hair may give some resistance when it is lifted out after being treated because the the bottom “bulb” is bigger that the follicle opening. In that situation, it should feel like a pop, for lack of a better description, NOT a painful tweeze. There should be a glistening, intact bulb at the the end of the hair, if it in the growing anagen phase.

It appears that your hair is not being properly treated. You can discuss this with her and try another session ORRRR you can get more consultations and treatments with other electrologists so you are not wasting your time or money with an expensive tweeze job. By talking to your present electrologist, she will know why she may lose a client. Your honesty may help her analyze and improve her work so she can stay employed and serve others with her best abilities.



Thank you very much for replying. Yes, it really did seem the hairs weren’t being treated. I’ve also used One Touch home treatment with success, but it’s ugh…long…

I believe the hairs were in the growth phase as I had just plucked them out a couple weeks before I was treated. The area she treated was the regrowth.


This person has been doing electrolysis for years. I wish I were more comfortable about approaching her about this.

Anyway, thank you!!!

If your not comfortable talking to her I’d see about trying another Electrologist. You might feel a couple of hairs being tweezed anything more is proubably not ok.

have you tried other electrologists or this is the only one? it helps to try a couple to compare so you know when it’s done right