Pain scale

Hi all,

I am hoping that with all of your experiences combined you might be able to provide guidance on the pain of laser on different areas.

As a bar, I have my full arms waxed and I can deal with it even though at times it is painful, and I have had one laser treatment on my underarms and the pain wasn’t too unbearable.

I am now considering starting laser on more areas but was wondering whether or not I can handle the pain.

I was hoping you could measure the pain on a scale of 1-10 for the following areas to help me make a decision.

Happy trail
Bikini line

Thanks :slight_smile:

Laser is not comparable to waxing, and everyone feels pain differently. I find it barely hurts on my arms stomach underarms etc, except on my face where as my friend has to make them keep stopping for breaks on the exact same area. Bikini line is probably going to hurt the most for the above areas, the rest aren’t bad.

Pain depends mostly on how dense and coarse the hair is. So bikini will hurt the most. That’s probably the only area you may want to consider using a numbing cream, though I personally didn’t.

Also, fingers are sensitive.

Make sure all the hair you’re treating is coarse and dense.

I guess diffirent areas have diffirent amounts of pain. Since I’m gonna do my hands and fingers soon I’m really wondering if it’s gonna be extra painful. There’s no muscle on there and very little flesh. I can feel the bones on my hands easily.

Hands and fingers don’t hurt much at all. I only found fingers hurt once because I use Apogee Elite which has a stick that guides the distance from the skin but it was a different tech treating me last time, and she sort of put the stick sort of half way down the side of my finger so that the laser was actually much closer to the skin than it should have been but still didn’t really hurt.