Pain reliever for laser treatment?

Hi all,

My question is about taking a pain reliever before laser hair removal. My usual pain reliever of choice is Advil (ibuprofen). But i read that because ibuprofen or aspirin thins your blood, taking these before laser hair removal can cause red spots where the hair was removed.

Is there any truth to this? What do you all take (if anything) as a painkiller before a laser hair removal session?

The cuts and scratches from shaving all summer convinced me to take care of getting my legs lasered… (I have had great results with my underarms, by the way). I have an appointment for the lower legs tomorrow and am excited!

Many thanks, in advance.



I take tylenol 3’s and numb my face with emla for at least an hour.

I know someone who took percodan, but unfortunately it is addictive.


I take Ibuprofen and don’t use any topical anesthetic.

Can you expand on your underarm results and possibly post in the SUCCESS STORIES thread for others? Type of laser used, # of treatments, skin and hair type, your location, etc would be very helpful for others.

Thanks and good luck!


Yep, i just posted a success story in your thread. Well, quasi-success, but i am thrilled with the results, so i guess success of laser hair removal should be measured by the patient’s expectations.

When you used ibuprofen, did you have any excessive redness or red spots? Any scarring that didn’t go away? The only time i used ibuprofen for pain relief before a procedure was before i had microdermabrasion, and each time i had pinkish streaks on my face the next day, where the wand was passed. They were very faint, did not hurt, and went away after another day, so they did not concern me at all, but i wonder if this effect was caused by the ibuprofen or would have happened anyway.


I didn’t notice anything after the treatments after taking ibuprofen. I also take it before electrolysis treatments and it’s actually recommended by my electrologist for that…