Pain level Laser Hair removal on the chest/stomach

Can anyone tell me whether the pain felt from laser hair removal on a man’s chest is typically more, less, or equal to the pain felt when doing the chest/abs? I am just looking for a general idea because the place I have an appointment with says no EMLA is allowed, and when I had laser on my chest without EMLA at another place, it was incredibly painful, almost unbearable. I do not want to repeat this on my back.

^^I would be very careful using large amounts of such products. It is not advisable to do at own risk. At best you’d need intecrate advice from a doctor.

Everyone’s pain threshold is different. For me, the chest area–the sternum part was very painful.Density of hair also matters. As it starts to thin out, there is slightly less pain. I used a single tube of LMX5 in 4 of of my 6 treatments for chest and stomach. Without numbing cream, I couldn’t handle the pain, especially when you need to increase settings with each treatment to get best possible results. Even with the numbing cream, it was still discomforting throughout the process but bearable.

Yes what I meant is I am having the treatment on my full back though. I am wondering about the pain in that area. The hair on my chest was very dense, but that is done. The hair on my back is less.

I would assume that the back is just as sensitive, especially the upper area near the neck and flanks. You don’t want to waste money and time on treatments because you can’t handle the appropriate settings without the numbing cream and the clinic’s only solution is using lower settings. Talk to them about LMX as alternative because it’s non prescription sold over the counter as opposed to EMLA that needs prescription.

What is the point of assuming just to have something to say? You are quite wrong anyway, the most sensitive area is the bottom of the back / lower spine area, thin skin here.

Areas with more hairs are more painful too.

It depends on the amount of hair, the more there is the more it hurts. But I disagree, the most painful by far is the beard. Give that a shot and nothing else will hurt again after that. Beard is brutally painful especially upper lip and that’s even with numbing cream on beforehand.