Pain : electrolysis v. laser

I have had electrolysis done 3 years ago and had about 16 1 hour sessions. It was painful like a hot needle pricking your skin, but to me-bearable. Guess I am pain resistent, though skin would be red for hours, no blisters.
I had my first laser patch test today as stated in prior post and felt no pain, he turned it up to full max and i felt a tiny prick but NOTHING compared to electrolysis.

Is it just me or is the laser just not as painful as electrolysis, i mean No way near as painful, to me anyway. (lyra laser used, cooling system_)

btw, 3 years after no electrolysis i am more hairy now on my face than ever. 16 treatments did little for me.

I haven’t had electrolysis but I had my first session of lightsheer diode laser with cooling tip last week. I had emla on for an hour. The neck area did not hurt at all. The chin area was a little more noticable. But when she did my upper lip, it HURT!! I could even feel the pain right through to my teeth! Seriously, I nearly jumped off the table. But on the bright side, it was really quick. I was really worried about the pain, but like I said, it was quick. I think it has alot to do with where there are more nerve endings and denseness of hair.

I had electrolysis a long time ago on my belly (happy trail) and I’m currently getting laser on my upper legs. I’d say that laser is less painful. With electrolysis EVERY hair hurt; with laser, the zap itself hurts (especially when it hits coarse hair), but it’s really quick. Some zaps almost don’t hurt if the hair is sparse.

Good luck!

In my opinion I would say laser is more painfull than electrolysis. Sure laser is over quicker but overall…just so you know I do have a high pain tolerance and don’t find either to be painfull but more uncomfortable.

Come to the mature area where I have explained both in detail. Or contact me via messaging.

From my experience, I’d say Laser is less painful.