Pain and laser.

My sister is currently undergoing Laser (Light Sheer) treatments on her face and chest. The first time she went in, she got so scared after a few zaps, her blood pressure went up, and she literally went into the panic attack. It was very scary to observe.

Now, an hour before the treatment, she applies plenty of Elamax, covers it with saran wrap, and then puts ice packs oh her chin for the last fifteen minutes before treatment.

She also takes a pill of Velum before the treatment, are there any risks associated with that? Can it cause damage when combined with Laser treatments? Also, she is going to be out of the pills soon (these were leftovers from a prescription she had after her car accident). I want to know if there any risks associate with taking Velum and laser before she asks her doctor to prescribe another batch.

Any other suggestions on what to do to lessen the pain and panic associated with procedure?

Any input will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, polki.

I saw some posts for topical anesthetic gel “Anestop” and “Topicaine” on another forum.

I do not know what Velum is, however, it is a good rule of thumb to NEVER use ANY prescribed medication for something other than what it was precribed for. Also NEVER use medication prescribed for another patient as it may be for a different purpose. Also consider the age of the medication as it expires after a certain period which is on the label. If you are taking any other medication there is always the possibility of incompatibility between the two drugs. The more medication you take the greater the risk of drug reactions between any of them.

I am retired from one of the major pharmaceutical companies and have seen many problems arise from actions like yours.

Now that she had the treatments… Is she satisfied with the results? Is any hair regrowing? Did she have any side effects like burns, change in the color of her skin or anything else?

She would be doing a great service to other people who are considering this procedure. Also… What color is the hair she had treated as lasers do not work at all on blonde, white, or light red and very poorly on all other hair.

If she was promised permanent removal she was cheated and should get her money back. FDA says lasers do not remove hair permanently and operators are NOT allowed to claim permanency or painless.

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