pain and different epilators

I have seen a few comments on how different machines give less pain with the same results . I own a Fisher CBX . I use it on my self as i coudnt afford the cost of electrolysis of my face plus it alows me to do it at my convience . I am able to to about 100 hairs a hour . My questions is how does this machine rank amoungst other machines out there, especialy in the pain department .

Fischer is pretty good. If I could not have an Apilus SX-500 nor a Silouet-Tone VMC, the next machine in line for me would be a Fischer or a Clareblend.

Pain is hard to rate across machines, because everyone experiences it differently. For instance, some people love blend and hate thermolysis or vice versa. Some find different probes affect sensation, too. The better machines allow for more control of energy, but the real key to pain level is operator skill.

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Just out of curiosity, what does a good professional machine go for secondhand…? and new?


As far as second hand goes, the question is more how do you find one. At that point the actual selling price is often 50% to 75% of the retail price, unless it is a very old machine.

New machines can cost as little as $500.00 US and go as high as $5,000.00 US (at least, I have not seen one yet that sold for more than $5,000.00 US)

I would say that the average is somewhere around $2,000.00 for both new and used machines. That is because the people who upgrade machines are more likely to be the ones selling, and they had the top of the line thing when they bought it new. However, most of the sales are not the top of the line things. Just imagine a world where most new cars sold were Chevys that people bought once, and kept for the rest of their lives, and most used cars were Benz’s, BMW’s, Vovlo’s and Acura’s, because those people want to buy the new top of the line thing, and finance it with a downpayment brought in from the sale of the thing that used to be the top of the line.

  1. Go to eBay at

  2. type in electrolysis

Here’s the current listings on 2/5/03:

There’s an Instanton for $600

A Clareblend for $200

A bunch of One Touch personal units for 10 to $15…

And about a THOUSAND scam products to avoid, including the Epitron scam, the Aavexx scam, the Permanex scam, IGIA scams, Emjoi scam, e-Pen scam, Total Perfection scam, and a bunch of other tweezer and patch scams.

Hair removal products available on eBay are frequently total scams. I see a couple of devices from the scum at Global Electrolysis Supply up there pretty much all the time, Epil-stop garbage, etc., etc., etc.

Don’t buy on eBay till you’ve done your research! Many brands are rip-offs!

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My Dear Friend Andrea, Although the fact that people are selling those really expensive Lasers they just bought a year or two ago (you know the one’s they mortgaged their house to get so they could become millionaires) sure proves my arguments in other post strings, this was about getting used ELECTROLYSIS machines.
Now, I don’t do Ebay, so I can’t search on it for you all, but if Andrea would be so kind as to find some places that have good name brand epilator machines, that would finish this post string nicely.

Oops, you’re right. there was another thread about equipment online, and I got the signals crossed. I just edited the previous post.

Thanks… I never thought to look on eBay for such a thing… (although I tend to find and buy all sorts of other stuff (I don’t really need) on there…LOL)

It would seem that to get a professional machine would be the best, and some training… if one wanted to get serious about home elctrolysis… rather than making do with the current ‘home’ machines…

It would still be nicer to sit back and let someone do it for you, but if there is no-one around, well, it becomes a ‘help yourself’ situation at home…



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