Paging Tiny!

Tiny, dear, I would like to know if you are using the One Touch to get rid of the hairs you say you are getting rid of.
And if it is so, can you email me the video you taped to download?
Thanks in advance! :smile:
Can you also make a little summarizing of what you’ve been doing so far and how it is working (whether or not there’s regrowth).
And how long it took you to get used to do the process effectively?

I sure will.

The video I made is really big.

I will be upping it to another ftp as soon as I can.

it’s me using the one touch:)

it’s real easy to use actually and the results are defenatly permanent.

I can tell you my settings, I put the dial all the way up to 8 or 7 and I go against what the directions say,

I leave it in only 5-7 seconds and it works

Thanks for the info!!! I want so bad to get the One Touch !I will have to save for eons to get it, though :frowning:
Thanks for the advice!!! I will be looking forward to seeing the video!
What is that the directions say that you do differently? (I haven’t read the instructions) :smile:

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directions say to leave it in like 25 seconds or something outrageous.

What happens if you leave it for so long? does it burn the skin? does it cause too much inflammation or lye production?

causes hyperpigmentation

here’s my left wrist, there’s 2 hyperpigmentation marks from when I first started

there fully healed now to so they aint goin away apparently,

now this happens only when you leave it on for really long dial=10 seconds=40

<img src=“” alt="" />

I could post a picture of what happens at dial=10 20-30 seconds also, it leaves a small round scar if you’d like to see that also

oooooh, INTERESTING! and could you post that other pic?
You should write a little book or something on your findings and experiences, don’t you think?
I’d love to read it, for sure!
BTW, how did you find out that an 8 setting and fewer seconds were ok?

I’ve used the one touch so much,

I mean I think I hold the record for most hairs zapped with a one touch, i’ll post the picture tommorrow when I get more lighting