P53 Gene

What is everyone’s opinion on laser’s affect upon this gene?

There is no published data showing that laser hair removal has any effect on genes.

Nevermind, this is useless. Have fun.

Who cares what everyone’s “opinion” is? This research is still in animal study phase and has no currently available applications for humans in clinical trials, let alone as a commercially-viable product. Laser hair removal has not been demonstrated to have an effect on p53. p53 has been shown to be a factor in chemotherapy-induced hair loss. However, it is either congentially present or absent. Some researchers suggest Fas signaling could be used as a part of complex local therapy for inhibiting keratinocyte apoptosis and hair loss induced by chemotherapy, but this has no current applications for the sorts of consumer base reading this board. All of this work is in support of tumor growth and control, not cosmesis. It does appear that p63 also has an effect (on embryonic hair development), but for the hair removal consumer, this is as pie in the sky as asking what is everyone’s opinion about living on the first Martian colony. Who cares, since it’s entirely speculation.


Here is an interesting article.

“Who cares, since it’s entirely speculation.”

That’s a very nice response. I just bought a car and the dealer told me there was some speculation that the airbags didn’t work, I said oh well, I’ll wait for someone to write up a comprehensive publication proving this, until then I just won’t get into a crash.

Whoever wrote that anonymous article doesn’t know what they are talking about. To wit:

“laser energy destroys several genes in the treated or exposed area”

This claim has no basis in published clinical data.

You’re awful quick to dismiss new information in the field of laser hair removal. Especially being an administrator for a hair removal devoted to providing the consumer with information.

I’m not stating the information is true. I’m just providing a viewpoint that has not been discussed on this forum. You can take it how you like. The article is not anonymous, its clearly associated with the American Institute of Education. Have you ever read anything without a stated author. I’m sure you have considering you a writer with interest in consumer activism.

Your fist reply was ignorant. Laser is new. New. Twenty years or whatever it is, is not by any means enough to reveal a products affect on the human body. How do I know? Because the human body does something called “aging”. Example: People who consistly jog on roads rather that grass or dirt have knee problems when older.

There actually is research going on and a book is being developed from a more than credible source, which i will not name. Andrea your brilliant keep going.
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As I say on both sites, laser hair removal represents an unknown risk in terms of long-term effects. However, it is simply wrong to claim that it causes mutations (which has not been demonstrated in humans of animals). p53 is a gene that is either present or absent. Laser use does not change that fact. p53 is clearly associated with apoptosis, but laser has not been demonstrated to alter genetic structure.

This site was put up specifically to deal with this kind of half-assed speculation and claims that aren’t backed up by data. I have banned this user, who can go have fun spouting uninformed opinions at sites which shall remain nameless.