ow...please help...messy DIY bikini wax!

Hi, this is my first time here! can anyone give me any advice (asap - before I get infected!). I waxed my bikini line last night, which I have done many times before with no problems. However, I seem to have made a bit of a mess and now one side of my bikini line is bruised, red, and sore. It looks like I have taken off the top layer of skin. Tyhis has never happened to me before and I’m not sure what to do about it. I put oil on as usual after waxing, but noticed it was raw and was worried about infection, but the only antiseptic I could find was hydrogen peroxide solution. not a good idea - I think I just made it worse! Has anyone got any suggestions for what I should do to help it heal quickly and stop infection? Thank you so much.
Forever in your debt…

I swear by Bactine. Just in general. Fabulous stuff. But, as things go–I don’t think you’re really in as much danger as you think. Hydrogen peroxide will help prevent infection… and besides that, just wait. In some sensitive areas, if you pull wrong, you can end up with bruising… it looks evil and nasty, but it does go away. Just give it time to heal up again.

Thank you for your advice, I couldn’t find any Bactine, but I used soap and water and put vitamin E oil on to stop any marks being left behind. I am pleased to say it’s all ok now, but I did have to go commando for a couple of days! Thanks!

Besides Bactine, witch hazel and Tend Skin are good astringents that can help reduce the chance of infections.

Ah, yes, but see… Bactine also contains lidocaine. :smile: