I’ve tried a few different home waxing products for my back… nads… roll on nair (or something)… and though they work alright I find it excrutiatingly painful. Also, once it’s done I immediately get very red and then, even if I shower and exfoliate, my shoulders break out in pimples the next day. I’ve been told that that shouldn’t be happening and that I’m either reacting to the wax or just have very sensitive skin.

Is there anything I can do to stop this? Would getting a professional wax be any different?


Anytime you apply a chemical to your skin you run the risk of an adverse reaction… you may very well be sensitive to these products…

When it comes to backs, I can never see how people manage to do even a half decent job at home by themselves…

I would suggest going and getting a professional waxing, and then you will have a reference as to if your skin behaves the same with the products and techniques they employ in removing your hair…

Good luck,


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