I have a story to tell but also if anyone could please answer my question i’d greatly appreciate it. I’m very worried.

Does anyone know if pitting and scarring from overtreatment ever heal?

I have been having thermolysis method done to my bikini area for about a year and a half and my last 2 treatments I was definately overtreated. The second to last treatment I had mentioned that I was concerned with the way my skin was reacting to the high setting and she said that she wasn’t worried…well I was worried so i insisted that she turn it down. She did but obviously not enough because when i left I had a million white pustules(i’ll call them that for a lack of better explanation) I told her that I had read on here that this meant overtreatment and that they were burns and she still insisted that she wasn’t worried and of course they would heal in time. I had scabs and swelling for weeks after and some scars because of the scabs falling off from normal friction. When I went back for my next treatment I stressed again that I was not happy and that I didn’t want to see any white pustules and that I wanted her to turn it down. When I left i had millions of little scabs that were long from her lying the needle at the wrong angle and some really big scabs that joined together to create a lot of pain. I’m mostly writing this to warn people if you think you are being overtreated to stop the treatment right away. I knew to do this but she kept insisting that it was all normal and it would heal. I had chunks of skin that were missing basically. Needless to say I have not been back to get any more treatments from her. I have alot of pitting and some scars that are not healing at all. I will try and post an attachement for people to see what was done to my skin, it has taken me a month to write this post because I was so upset about the whole thing but I knew that I had to so that other people don’t have this happen. I hope this doesn’t scare anyone from getting electrolysis but just to make sure that you know and are confident in what is not right. I will try and post the pictures also.

:frowning: I’d appreciate any replys to my question above.

Here is a link to the picture…I hope it works.
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You are correct. One should get as many consultations WITH SAMPLE TREATMENTS as possible before settling on who will be doing their work.

The good news for you is that this will heal with proper care. Something like this might take 3 months or more to be fully healed. Please get some Tea Tree Oil and Aloe and use it daily. If your skin darkens in the treatment area, you will need some fade cream to lighten it up again. There are over the counter fade creams, but for real power you will require perscription hydroquinone.

Not that this minimizes what happened to you, but I have seen much worse, and imagine how you would feel if this was what your face looked like! :fearful:

I have to say thanks for the post. I too have been overtreated with horrible scabs. I hate to be discouraging but one long, bad treatment can leave you permanently scarred and pitted. I know from experience. I have finally found someone that does not scab me, but I am so fearful that I am still going to pit. It is very upsetting and customers need to be very, very careful. Sad to say but once really bad damage is done there is no guarantee of healing the skin. I have seen some scary stuff. The worst part is you may not even know the true long-term treatment effects for some time. Good luck and let us know if you find someone good.

Posts like this are the best plea for all those of you who HAVE found good electrologists to make it a point to put thier contact info and a review in the referral section. How else are we to help people find the good ones all over the world?

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