I posted this question under blood, but i would like others reponses on this. I t appears, as a result of the blood in both treatments, that I have been over treated on my upper lip with GentleLase (Alexandrite) at 30 joules.

What are the reprecussions of over-treatment? Anyone had experience with this? My upper lip is sore, like I’ve been punched. I’m thinking it may just be a longer healing time.


I haven’t been treated with the Alexandrite, but regardless, 30 joules sounds high, especially on the face at the beginning of treatment.

The upper lip is a very sensitive area and understandably, reaction might be more visible in those areas. If just the upper lip is severly affected, the tech should be able to switch back to a lower setting when zapping a sensitive area.
Might want to inquire about that next time.

I know that my tech started out with 12 joules(Lightsheer Diode) and I just had my 2nd treatment today at 15 joules. After treating an area, she would sit back and wait to see how my skin was responding, and asked me questions about what I was feeling.

The first treatment was sucessful, and I didn’t experience ANY “lasting” redness, blood, pain, or anything even remotely like that.

It is to my understanding and logic that a careful technician will start at a lower setting and gradually work their way up the joule ladder as needed when needed( usually determined by density of hair etc.) so their clients don’t end up with side affects from treatment which has begun too agressively.

I hope your lip heals soon SBETH! :grin:


Forgot, over treatment can result in the obvious, burns, temporary/permanent scarring or skin discolorations etc. Also, if the tech said 30 joules is the highest setting on that particular laser, it escapes me as to why you would be treated at the highest fluence possible right off the bat. Just a thought.


You beat me to the punch, JGirl-- that’s exactly what I was going to say!