ovarian cysts caused by acculight?

I’ve been going for laser hair removal treatments for my bikini line over the last 6 months, about 4 treatments. Acculight was the name of the treatment. The spa just informed me that they have discontinued it and are now using another brand, but did not give a reason why they discontinued it. Also, I’ve recently been told I have a complex ovarian cyst. I can’t help but wonder if it is related. Have there been any cases or claims of laser hair removal contributing to ovarian cysts? Any info about acculight?

Lisa, I’m very sorry to hear about your cyst, and I hope you get that issue resolved quickly and completely!

It’s probably unlikely that laser or flash lamps would cause or have an effect on an ovarian cyst. These hair removal devices barely penetrate past the dermis on their best days. It can’t be ruled out, I suppose, but it is one of hundreds of variables which can cause those cysts, many of which are far more likely culprits.

Ovarian cysts are not something I know a lot about, though, so I recommend you take a look at some of the PCOS sites for more on your condition. My fave is:


Best of luck as you move forward! :smile: