out of luck?

hello. i’m trying to find out if i’m out of luck at this point. i have been trying to have hair removed from my back and shoulders. i started with electrolysis (too time consuming due to amount of hair) and then 3 epilight treatments. the epilight physician said at this point the treatments won’t do much good b/c the hairs have white bulbs but are dark enough otherwise. i’m guessing that that means the laser won’t do it’s job below the skin surface where the hair is white (vs. the dark brown above the skin surface). are there currently any melanin treatments that will darken the roots/ bulbs so that the laser will work??? thank you.

There is a hair darkening treatment called Meladine but I haven’t heard anything good or bad about it.

Did you have any results at all from the Epilight treatments? Do all of your hairs have white bulbs? It is possible, but probably not.

You may want to consider the Aurora IPL/RF system, it is supposed to work better on lighter and finer hairs than lasers and other IPL system. I have had Aurora treatments on my back and arms and the finer hairs start to shed about 1-2 weeks after treatment. So far so good but it is too soon to speculate on long-term results.


thanks, rjc.
i had better results on my shoulders than my back. the majority of my back hairs have white bulbs/roots. same goes for my chest hairs. is the meladine treatment suppose to get to the roots too?

My understanding from reading their website and some of the other posts on the HairTell forum, is that the answer is yes. That is, it “deposits” color or makes darker the follicle which surrounds the root. The laser is drawn to the dark color in the follicle and kills the root. An email I got from a Meladine rep said it doesn’t take alot of color either before the laser can help those who have light hair. I’ve not tried it yet either but it does sound promising for those who aren’t usually the best candidates for laser hair removal.