Our reputation precedes us!

I’m definitely amused to think that the three of us, ( Dee, myself and arlene) are an "army pf hairtell moderators " putting a “posative spin” on the electrolysis process. I didnt think we were that well known!

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I like the “Army” part. It suggests a highly coordinated war against unwanted hair and misinformation.

Great job , Seana, answering the questions! Funny, I’m not territorial and I certainly don’t put spin on anything because I need to stay in business! I’m more worried about how I can fade away gracefully and make sure that my clients continue being served professionally well.
Both modalities speak for themselves and they are both fantastic for hair reduction and removal.

Both can have side effects, but those side effects depend on the skill and experience of the practitioner.

Sometimes transpeople have a lot of anxiety and angst. Asktransgender is a " safe space" for them to talk about their feelings and emotions, thus the asking for “horror stories” it’s a space for them to openly discuss their anxiety and fears regarding electrolysis treatment. That, I believe is the reason for the nature of the posters thread.

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ugh, I apparently zigged when I should have zagged last night and instead of replying to Deenglows post accidentally overwrote it. Apologies Deenglow!

Deenglow had asked why it had to be “horror stories” that these people needed to discuss, and why they were looking specifically for that.I apologize Deenglow for accidentally overwriting your post.