Hello Everyone,

I had my fourth treatment today. Just one hour on my upper lip (10 minutes) and the back of my thighs.

I have to say, the thighs HURT! I’m amazed that I lasted the hour but I have another hour to go before that area is fully cleared. It is worth it though as that area kept getting ingrowns after (professional ) waxing and despite all the scubbing and and moisturisers, steaming etc, it never felt smooth. Electrolysis is the only way out.

As for my upper lip, I do not need to do any maintenance in between sessions and I’m no longer self-conscious. This new found freedom feels wonderful. And only a few weeks ago I used to have to get out my wax pot at least twice a week!

I still need to figure out how to reduce the pain though. I feel exhausted after such a painful session.



Hey electobaby

I am so pleased to hear your happy with you lip. I had the same - waxing, bleaching all the time! How long did your lip take to do up till now?

I have just fine hairs on my lip now, (before it was a complete forest!). I still have a bit of a shadow even with these fine hairs, there is still so many of them. But I am the same feeling wonderfully free and not self conscious.

As for the pain, I take 2 paracetomol and hour beforehand and then 2 more anout 15 mins before treatment, this kinda takes the sting away! Also drink heaps of water 3 days before. I also try to relax as much as possible and let my mind wander so I am not so focused when she puts the needle in. I even take in my favourite relaxing cds to play whilst she workng - really helps!!
She also gives out chocolate, for afterwards, this is the best bit!


Hi Lisa,

Thank you for your pain relief tips. I’ll definitely do that for my nxt appt and will let you know how it goes.

As for my upper lip, today was my 4th treatment. We only ever do 10-15 minutes as my facial skin is very sensitive and I am reacting to the treatments. The reactions are not as bad anymore though and I am using a lot of witch hazel & aloe which works very well.

Fortunately I don’t have any shadow and my friends assure me that they cannot see any problem (phew!). My main problem was some incredibly tough, black hairs that started popping up a couple of years ago after I started plucking hairs whilst on overseas trips (and didn’t have access to stoves to heat my little pot of wax). The other hairs were slightly long and dark on my pale skin and an ex-boyfriend even once commented that I had a little moustache. OMG!

The other reason I am doing all this work now is because I eventually plan to live in Asia and the state of hair removal in those countries is appalling. I had just my thighs waxed last year in Singapore and it cost S$70 and the girl was really bad at it and even burnt me! It makes me want to learn electrolysis and set up shop over there! Asian women don’t like body hair at all so I think there would be a great market!!

Ok, time for a nice cup of tea and some chocolates (reading your post made me realise I have some downstairs to eat!).

All the best!!


How long do you see redness after treatment on the upper lip Ebaby?


The redness for me tends to die down after an hour or so but by evening (if I’ve had the treatment in the morning), it starts to react. My electrologist said that this is not a desired outcme at all, hence she is working bit by bit (not longer than 15 minutes) to minimise any potential problems.

As for the back of my thighs, they look a little red still but I think that’s because I’ve been sitting. But despite the discomfort, I can’t wait to go back so I can see it full cleared.

Cheers for now!

The upper lip “reaction” seems odd. Is it noticeable the next day? What about 2 days?

Hi Turtle,

I have very sensitive skin and react to anything. I was actually getting really scarred by waxing, hence I had to find a permanent alternative - meaning electrolysis.

My electrologist is not happy that I am getting any reaction at all but despite doing my best in after care, I’m still getting reactions a few hours later. Little white heads appear and last for a few days.

I had a session this morning and it is looking fine (at the moment). Will dab some more witch hazel on soon. Fingers crossed I don’t react this time!

However, my skin has really never looked better and I just love the look of having no hair in that area. It’s pure freedom.

I’m extremely happy with my legs too and am looking forward to being totally hair free soon. It’s a long process but it’s great when you can see the results. I’ve had absolutely no scarring in that area whatsoever and as for my upper lip - slight hyperpigmentation which seems to subside very quickly.


What I’ve been told by two different electrologists about the whiteheads is that they happen in areas where the skin is moist. I used to get them around my eyebrows and forehead area and my upper lip. I tried everything including tea tree oil and nothing stopped them. Eventually they stopped and according to both of these electrologists (who don’t work together or know each other) it is because electrolysis dried out the skin somewhat and once the areas aren’t as moist, the whiteheads stop. This seems to be true bcs I just had the area right under my upper lip done and I NEVER get it worked on, it reacted with a few small whiteheads. I figured since it doesn’t really get any electrolysis, it’s still very moist.

Hi Jessie,

I woke up this morning and sure enough, I had broken out but only on the right hand side of my upper lip. The left looks perfect. I used tea-tree oil and aloe vera so I really think what the two electrologists told you is correct. It certainly sounds plausible.

My legs look great and feel fine too.

Cheers for now,


Hello Everyone,

I had another 1 hour session today on my upper lip and the sides and backs of my thighs. I’ve been taking pain killers before going in and it really does ease the pain. I was able to stand two machines working on my upper legs (which are looking great!).

Upper lip is fabulous too. It seems to need less work each week. Reaction is still the same but there has been no scarring and the whiteheads disappear now after two days. Still slight hyperpigmentation that is not noticable with makeup.

I keep putting off the underarms. I’m nervous! I’ll wait till I’m less stressed (studying at the moment) and feeling more energetic.

Until the nxt update!