Ok… So after a long long time I finally the courage to get my first treatment.

I have dark black hair on really white skin. Great set for laser hair removal from what I’ve read. I was having my back, neck, and shoulders treated.

Now here’s where I feel like a wimp. The lady used a GentleLase thingy and zapped me with 21j. I cant explain how painfull it was for me. I was ok in the beginning, but I only lasted until a little less then half my back was treated and I had to call it quits. I just couldnt take it any more. The lady was nice, and said she’d go lower if I wanted her too, but she was afraid I’d be wasting my money because she wouldnt expect good results. I understand this, but after reading alot I’m seeing that maybe 21j is really low as it is.

The reason I picked this place was 2 part. 1, I had some good referals from people who said she was great. This was my main reason. A good referal is key. Second, she made me feel very comfy.

So… Am I just a wimp? lol We decided that because I couldnt take it so much that we’d break up the treatment into smaller areas at a time. This is good for the pain thing, but now I’m getting concerned. Even if I manage to get all the treatments done, am I to expect poor results with only 21j?

Just one last note… they got some nerve putting the word gentle on that torture device! :smile: The inquisition coulda made good use of that thing!


Pain thresholds are not a sign of being a wimp. Clinical studies have shown that some people feel pain differently. One that comes to mind offhand was a study that showed redheads are more sensitive to pain [1].

I’m sure there are many other factors that haven’t been identified yet.

If treatment was too much to bear, I recommend reading the tips for pain reduction:



  1. Liem, E.B., Chun-Ming, L., Suleman, M.I., Doufas, A.G. and Sessler, D.I. Increased Anesthetic Requirement in Subjects with Naturally Red Hair, American Society of Anesthesiologists Meeting Abstracts, 2002.


Thank you Andrea for you response and the link. I think I’m going to try to use some form of “anit-pain”. My question now is, is there any reason I should NOT be using certain products with laser treatment? I mean, take the Ela Max 5 for example. Its a cream that goes on the skin and numbs you up, but would that cream interfere with the laser?

Im going to ask my practitioner about it, but I’d really like to see if anyone here has used anything during laser treatment with success. Cause I really need to use something :smile: If all else fails, I may have to rely on a bottle of jack.


I discuss pros and cons here;


I discuss why alcohol is a bad idea here: