OT: Question about self tanning

I’m undergoing laser treatments to remove/reduce the hair on my legs. I have fair skin and need to keep it this way for the laser to be at it’s most effective.

Was recently in Florida on vacation for 9 days. I was a the beach a lot, but sat in the shade, used 45 spf sunscreen, and kept my legs covered with a towel. I was successful in keeping the sun completely off my legs. Unfortunately, despite the sunscreen and the shade, I did end up tanning on the rest of my body, which makes my lily white legs look really weird in contrast. To fix this, I got some self tanner, and I’m very pleased with the results. My bottle tan is virtually indistinguishable from my real tan!

Here’s my question: I am wondering if anyone knows of a way to get rid of the effect of the self tanner right before my next laser treatment. I suppose I could wait a week without reapplying, but this will make for a week when wearing anything but long pants will look strange. Is there some kind of a trick that I could use the morning of or day before?


Most self-tanners will come off with a couple of good passes with a body scrub.