orlando wax

does anyone know of a place in orlando that will do a brazillian wax for a guy?
i have been going crazy trying to find somewhere that will do it. i’ve called tons of shops and none of them will do it. one place said that they would think about it or something. but i would prefer somewhere that is experienced in doing this sort of thing, especially since it will be my first time getting it done. i even went to a few porn shops and asked the employees if they could give me any leads. they all looked at me like i was some kind of freak. i figured that they are should be a little more open about that sort of thing. wouldnt you think they would get more bizzare questions than that? i just want that porn star look and shaving sucks.
i know that there must be a place i can go. i dont know if any of you watch the show “jackass” (i’m not the biggest fan), but there was an episode where he went to a shop to get his ass waxed. that episode what shot IN ORLANDO. so there must be a place. i just dont know where they went.
if i can’t find somewhere soon, i’m considering driving all the way down to miami to get it done.
thanks for any help. :grin: