Oregon referral?

anyone had any good results in oregon?
i live in the Portland area and Medford area(School)

You could try [wrope dot com] or electrology.com to search for electrologists near you (almost like showtimes). Its probably doubtful that there exists active current members - even with 8,000 members - in most of the places people are asking for a referral. You can always use the search feature to find if anybody has previously posted anything. However, your best bet would be to search the above two websites for people in your area, call around, see who fits the criteria this site advocates, visit about 5 or so, and choose the one you feel most comfortable with.

Ask to speak to former clients. Ask to see before and after photos if they keep any. Ask for what your schedule may look like. Ask for a reasonable estimate of when you could appromixately be done. Ask how many hairs they can clear in an hour. Ask if they will do it for free. (Couldn’t hurt to ask.)