Oregon electrolysis

Marge’s Electrolysis

Marge-Lowe Harris ---- Broadway Portland, OR 281-0311 Very friendly and TG friendly, excellent electrologist, resonable rates. She is a retired RN, and she is using a Holistic Approach to Electrolysis and treatment. (97-03-09, aol)

Electrolysis 102

Wendy Dillon , L.E. 139 G NE 102nd Ave. Portland, OR 97220 (503) 253-6698 electro_102@hotmail.com Hours: 9:00am-6:00pm, after hours appointments are welcome. Closed Sunday. $40.00/hr. Thermolysis: 10%, Galvanic: 10%, Blend: 80-100% Probes used: disposable, insulated, tapered, gold-plated. Chosen through TG referral, Meltzer. Free consultation with hairs treated for free. Certification displayed. Wears gloves. [5 TG ref, 99-01-06]

Respondent Comments: She is a Post-Op Ts who provides a great service TG community. Respondent Comments: Electrolysis 102 has setup a special room and table to do Labiaplasty and vaginoplasty electrolysis. Wendy has a number of TS clients. All the one I have meet are very satisfied with there results.Wendy is very fast and cleared my upper lip in less than one hour.

Respondent Comments: Wendy is very good, I have gone to other electrolgists with very poor results. Wendy is fast, reletively painless and willing to work with her clients.

Respondent Comments: I was very pleased with her speed, and cost. I highly recommend.

Respondent Comments: Wendy is one of the fastest and the best Electrologist that has treated me. I highly recommend her to everyone.

Kim Roe

I would like you to add another person to your Oregon listing (as you currently only have people listed in the Portland area). She is a totally kind and sweet human being who was recomended to me by 3 other TSs. I began seeing her some time ago, and I have to say that she totally rocks! As of 03/25/01 (today) she charges 35-40 dollars per hour (The average in this city seems to be around 55-65), she works fast, is fun to talk to (when not working on your lips) oh and her kids are great too ^o^

I am not sure what kind of info you are looking for, but I am sure I can get it. If you want to leave a sparce entry for her for now, I can give you her phone number:


Oh and she is in Eugene, Oregon. I would have to ask for her address, as I discovered I only lived 5 minutes away from her and just kinda found the place. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

Note: Soft Touch Electrolysis owner stopped practicing in April 2011- may resume in the future.