Oregon Electrologist's.... Anyone had any success?

hello im a 19 year old male and im sick of body hair like everyone else on this forum, haha
i live in the portland Oregon area, but go to school down in Ashland (right by Medford)
and i was wondering if anyone knows of any electrologists that are known to be good in those two areas?
please let me know if u do

Tom,are you looking for someone who is willing to work below the waist as well as above the waist?

i just want someone who is good at it so it wont take me forever to do it ya know?

Tom,I’m not from Oregon,so I can’t make you a referral in that area.Why don’t you just try any electrologist in the area;and if you don’t think he or she is going fast enough,move on to the next one. Over a period of time I probably used about 10 different ones. It wasn’t that I was disatisfied with any of them,it was that I couldn’t always get an appoinment when I wanted so I would call another. Also if I was traveling and had some spare time I would look in the yellow pages for one to call and if she was not busy,I would spend an hour or two with her(incidently all but one was a female and none had a problem working on males)

I am starting electrolysis treatment next week in oregon. Had 4 consultations and have chosen one.
Go to the website electrolgy.com and search for electrologists.
I have decided to go to Joan Gilbert per my convenience.

All the Best !!