Orchiectomy vs Anti-Androgens

Does anyone know how effective orchiectomy is at reducing body hair? I am transgendered, but I probably won’t go through an entire sex reassginment (though I will have some surgical modifications to my face, etc.) However, I detest my body hair. I don’t tolerate Aldactone well, so I wanted to look into surgery. Before I do it, though, and I want to know what effects to expect. Is it worth it, or will the hair reduction be minimal? I know that everyone’s body is different, but I just want to get a general idea. Thanks.

Orchiectomy will have the same effect as a high does of anti-androgens.

Neither treatment will reduce your facial hair, and you can expect mild to moderate reduction in body hair. I recommend using wax or rotary epilators for a year or two, after which you’ll have a good sense of how much hair will be reduced. Then you might look into permanent methods.

Thanks, Andrea. I have had almost all of my facial hair removed by electrolysis, so that’s not a problem. I don’t have a lot of money, so I don’t want to blow a lot on laser if I don’t have to. I kind of plan on waiting a year or so after surgery, and tackling whatever hair is left.

Good plan. Body hair can always wait, since plenty of non-TS women deal with that to. Focus on more important things for now… :wink:

If i’m not mistaken… if you plan on SRS, then Orchi isn’t recommended due to shrinkage of the scrot** tissue…




Now that I’ve actually READ your post, I realize that you don’t plan on SRS… so… um… I was like babbling for absolutely no reason :stuck_out_tongue:



this was recently discussed on http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TsDoItYourselfHormones/

As long as the scrotal tissue isn’t removed and you plan on having grs within 3 years having an orchiectomy beforehand is okay, but the surgeon doing the orchi must peform the procedure a certain way to ensure that there won’t be a scar in the wrong place.