Orange County, Ca. Waxing?

Can anyone reccomend a good salon/person to do Waxing treatments in Orange County, Ca?

Here’s a quick rating of the two I have tried.

The Euro Day Spa did not do a very good job. The technician seemed very rushed and told me that some areas were too short to wax even though I had let the hair grow for over two weeks.
Rating: C-

Belliza Day Spa did a little better. The technician missed a few large areas but overall not bad.
Rating: C+/B-

Thank you.


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I live very near you in the south O.C. area. Was the Euro Day Spa you went to in Laguna Niguel next to a hardware store and a Chinese restaurant?? I was planning on going there but your post is making me reconsider! :frowning:

Have you been successful in finding any better places since you’ve posted this?