Oral Meds


I am a 25 year old male considering using the combination
of Propecia and CPA. I was wondering about the side effects
involved and the effectiveness this method would have in
helping to remove hair from my back and upper arms.



The problem with hormones (specifically androgen blockers used to reduce hair), is that they have unwanted side effects in males. These can include loss of sexual function, sterility, breast growth, etc. Most men are not going to want these side effects to deal with hair.


Thanks Andrea,
So I guess the CPA is not the best idea for men. What about the
propecia alone. I presume propecia is safe for men since it is
made for men (ie. hairloss, or originally prostate problems). Would
propecia have a dramatic effect in reducing hairyness in men or is that
just an effect when used by women.

If Propecia does reduce the androgen to the body follicles of men what other
method would you reccomend to enhance the effects of the propecia.
Would electrolysis become more effective if also on propecia.


It’s not that you should not use them at all, but you should defintiely talk to a physician about it. The amount of finasteride and cyproterone acetate needed may have unwanted side efects that you need to be aware of before you start a course of treatment. The side effects I mentioned before happen to some males from the tiny dose in Propecia.