options on Apilus Junior/Senior for thick hair

So July 1st will be my next block of sessions and a full year since I started consistent treatments. I do full clearances every 2 months, started last year in July/August. (All body hair)

I have seen significant reduction of hairs but there is always a but. I’m a little frustrated by the amount of thin hairs regrowing after 4/5 clearances. And I feel like at this rate of reduction I will be stuck with 18 month or more period to complete this journey. I was dreaming of 9-12 months for body work.

The main concern is lack of significant progress on cluster of thick patches of hairs on my upper arms. At least in other treatment areas, you can tell hairs have been broken down as they’re thinner after each session.

Since my current electrologist works with Apilus Junior or Senior can’t remember for sure but I believe it’s a Junior, can this be the factor? From what I can tell and hear, she uses a pico mode and releases 3-4 pulses when treating me.

Can it be that pico mode is not adequate enough for the job? What other options does she have with Junior/Senior to adjust her strategy to be more aggressive with treatments at this point? Should I suggest slower thermlysis or even blend? Are blend presets on Apilus better/stronger/more than fast thermolysis? Are these systems just generally under-performing compared to Platinum models and she is doing the best she can with what her system offers?

I absolutely hate the idea of even discussing her strategy or suggesting settings to her, but I feel if I won’t nudge her about this, she’ll be happy to see me till Christmas, but my budget is tightening up. :cool:

Hi Fenix, in this video have been used two units from different manufacturers and the same modality, the flash.

One of the two machines is Platinum and the other works with 13.5 MHz. Do you really think there will be any difference in the results?