Optimal stage of hair growth for electrolysis

I’ve noticed (from plucking) that some of my hairs that are full grown, at their maximum length, have an extremely short root beneath the surface of the skin, whereas hairs that are still growing have a deeper root beneath the surface of the skin. Is it better to zap them when they are in the growing phase, rather than full grown?

Yes,indeed!!!, it is far better to treat hair that is deep, moist and growing rather than wait until the hair reaches its maximum length with a follicle that has shrunk, with a white hard dry ball just barely below the skin’s surface. Treating those deep active anagen hairs is the name of the game for maximum KILL RATES. Hair growth concepts are very hard for clients to understand. That is why an electrologist would be very wise to repeat information often after that first consult until it is well understood by the client. That is why we all have to play that waiting game for 9-12 months when treating smaller areas and a little longer for larger or densely populated areas.