Opportunity to Make Money

I checked my bank statement the other day and noticed that my balance is getting lower and lower (due to paying fees and then the whole chunk of electrolysis money - the latter which I truly don’t mind).

I don’t have a job at the moment due to quitting because of high levels of social anxiety so I started to work for people from home such as helping them with their websites. I’m basically wanting to save up so I can pay for more hours of electrolysis (in chunks so they end up discounted) as well as laser. At the moment I am very strict with my spending.

If anyone on here has a website and would like it maintained, for me to update it, or some sort of leaflet etc. designed, I will do it for a low fee for you. I don’t really have many examples or any at all, but I have been working on websites for a very long time. The designing side I can work on, and then I can add what I’ve done for you to my portfolio so others can trust me too. Please PM me if you are interested. Thanks.

How about a trade? The design of a website in exchange for Electrolysis in Spain. :slight_smile:

I still need to do someone else’s (I have it ready but been busy).

Of course I would do it for a swap. :slight_smile: I hope to be coming to you very soon (and I really mean it this time).

There are a bunch of websites around where you can post your freelance services. Here’s an example: http://www.project4hire.com/

Thank you for the links LAgirl.