OPMI on Ebay

Not my listing, just letting yall know.

Zeiss Opmi99 comes in various models. This one doesn’t look like a good option for electrology because the swing arm and height of the base is short.

One would want a full elbow and a taller pole. Both are available as replacement parts, but it is probably best to get one that has everything in the first place.

One also needs to be mindful of the matching of your focal lense to your personal needs based on your height and arm length, as the default is 250mm lens that is designed for an average man. The average woman seems to fall between 150mm, 175mm, or 200mm, and for that, there may need to be an adjustment to fit the size lens that comes in those specifications.

Hi James,

Besides Zeiss.com, do you know where I can possibly get a replacement part for an older Carl Zeiss (opmi 99)Â 291941 OK=19xFT=80 Surgical Microscope. I removed one of my ocular eyepiece and cracked it. The threads are fine, but the eyepiece has a continuous rotating motion, which makes it nearly impossible to fully screw it back on, nor can I adjust the focus.

Ziess wants you to buy a new scope.
Ebay, Craigslist and the like are better sources for replacement parts.