Opinions please!

I’ve only had 2 Electrolysis Treatments 10 mins each time, a week apart. The machine she uses is the Thermolysis method, and only has it switched half way to 5 (lights up to 10 when on full). I only have fine blonde hairs on my chin but the process is close to painless and she only zaps each hair for about a second. I feel no plucking, but the occassional tug which I know is normal. Is the machine set too low and is she zapping for long enough?

Many thanks, Maxine

It sounds to me like you are getting good treatment. You are having the hairs come out, you are not having marks, or pigmentation, and it is not hurting like the dickens.

Keep us posted on your progress. Any reason you are only going for such a short period at a time?

Hi Max1970. I also live in england. Do you think you could give me the details of the electrologist your are seeing. As I will be moving to london soon. Your help would be much appreciated.

Sure thing James, I know how short the UK is of good technicians. I was always taught, NO PAIN, NO GAIN…so obviously I was a litte worried. The techincian I see was trained by Steiner which is a very good school.

The reason I only have a 10 mins treatment is because I lead a fairly busy life, and tend to call into the salon on my way home from work, of course which doesn’t leave much time before they close. I’m hoping to change to a Saturday appointment soon, I’ll probably do a 30 min session then.

HM…the salon is called Serene Beauty Clinic, London, E18.

Tel: 0208 989 1822

It’s within 10 min walk of South Woodford Station, on the Central Line.

Hope this helps someone!

Thankyou so much Max1970. Im so glad you replied. Is there just the one electrologist there that you see. Do you think you can give me her name. Sorry for all the questions. Please keep us informed of your progress.

hm…there is only one lady at present that does the Electrolysis, her name is Lula (Lu for short). She doesn’t work everyday but I think that will be changing shortly. If you want to have a chat with her, I know she works on Fridays and Saturdays for definate. When will you be moving to London?


Hi Max970.
Thankyou so much for the info. I wont be moving to London untill late 2004 but I thought it would be a good idea and try and get as many names as possible as London is a big place. I have been having electrolysis in Birmingham which is where I live at the moment. I want to continue with electrolysis when I move as this is the only thing that works in terms of hair removal.

just a note, please help out and post Lu’s information in the Referral section so that the next Brit can find her without scouring the site to find this post a year from now :wink:

And of course, keep us posted.