Opinions on this website??

First off, congrats Andrea, this site has really gained a ton of members in the past year. I registered a long time ago, but lost my original password :stuck_out_tongue: Now…

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

Can someone give me an opinion on this site for a clinic in my area?


I’m considering getting treatment on my stomach and chest/shoulders. I’m a 24 yr old male with quite a bit of body hair. I keep it trimmed but thats stubbly and my girlfriend hates it. I’m starting to think this is absolutely the only answer, but I’m very apprehensive about laser treatment (both financially and medically).

This clinic looks alright for my area but I’m just not sure.

Also, can they sort of ‘thin out’ hair on my chest or is it an all or nothing kind of thing?


You could also thin your hair, it´s certainly not all or nothing. Maybe you should wait a couple of weeks to see the final result after a treatment. The practitioner could also lower the power of the laser/IPL. If it´s not thin enough you could take another treatment ( maybe adjusted)

I would want to know the specific laser they are using. Alexandrites can be effective, but having used both I prefer the diode laser like the Lightsheer. Less post treatment pain and redness and I believe more effective.

For anyone that is really hairy, I think it’s best to start out with laser. With a competent practitioner using the right amount of fluence, you can get rid of most of the hair and clear up any stragglers with electrolysis. You should see significant results after 2-3 treatments.

I would go for total clearance. Once you start losing most of the excess hair, you’ll be so happy with the results you will want it all gone. When the hot weather comes, you won’t regret it.


Hi AdMan-- thanks for the kind words! Looks like we’ll hit 2000 members for our first anniversary!

The alexandrite used at the clinic you referred to is a good lasert, but practitioner skill is more important. Alexandrites are widely available because they were about half the price of many other lasers a couple of years ago. That means a lot of people got one who probably shouldn’t be using it. Practitioner skill is vital, so ask around about satisfied customers, and see if they are affiliated with a physician.