Opinions on electrologist

What are individual’s feelings on receiving electrolysis from a female electrologist that clearly does not take the time to treat her own facial hair (i.e. upper lip), that is very noticeable and dark ? It just makes me wonder if electrolysis really works.!* If it does, then why would the practitioner not benefit from the service? Is this a bad sign that she is not an effective practitioner?? I am not trying to be rude or sarcastic, I just do not know whether to take this as a bad sign that her treatment is not effective. Thanks!!

There is a joke in the professional world that goes, “You do know that the shoe maker’s children are barefoot” That idea gets expanded to “A busy shoemaker’s children are barefoot, and so is the shoemaker, because it is only the shoemaker who has time on his hands who gets to make shoes for himself and his family in the time he is not contracted to make shoes for everyone else.”

There is another reason why many electrologists are not perfect products of their products for many years, if ever. Quite simply, who do you think is most critical in the seach for someone to do work on their body? Would a plastic surgeon just pick a name out of the phone book for HIS nose job? If you find the competition lacking in your area, you are more likely to be unwilling to subject yourself to their tender mercies. Of course, even if you do know of people in your area whom you respect, and would entrust your skin, the question becomes, when do you have the time to avail yourself of that opportunity?

I personally don’t know a good electrologist who doesn’t say that they have clients who have better work done, in shorter time frames than they ever got. (That is both together. It may be that the electrologist gets the same quality of work, because choosing someone to work on them was a rigorous task, but the client still got to completion faster than the electrologist ever could because good electrologists are booked solid with requests for the rest of their waking hours coming from all directions)

Put more into your evaluation of the consultation and sample treatment than looking at your electrologist’s skin. After all, we refuse to perform Do-It-Yourself-Electrolysis, because we know that better quality work is done by someone else working on us no matter how good we are. You also don’t know when the work you are looking at was done. It is a common thing that someone who had BAD work done goes to school and learns how to be a GOOD Electrologist so that they can keep others from having the experience they wish they could have avoided.

Just make sure you have had as many consultations and sample treatments as you can in order to find out who in your area is the best person to do your work and give you the best results that meet with your priorities and schedule.

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