Opinions needed on treatment, please.

Long story short, I’m a young female with hormonal excess hair issues. I’ve had 3x30 min sessions with a qualified woman (BIAE member) on my chin, upper lip and jaw, with the first two seeming to be problem free (although I am aware it can sometimes take a while for problems to surface).
The latest treatment I’ve noticed some ‘odd’ things under my chin/on my neck in a particular small patch. A few ‘black dots’ on the left side. I went back to the clinic to ask, another electrologist saw me and gave me a sample of a product to try (tend skin solution). It seemed to work pretty well, but I still have a few of these ‘dots’. I’m not totally sure if they are ingrown hairs or something else, but I have a few pictures that I will post below. I also noticed on the camera that I appeared to have a strange off-colour on the problematic patch, but I’ve no idea if that is normal or not, maybe it was the tend skin product or perhaps just the camera?

Maybe I’m just being over-concerned. I’ve not been having the treatment for long and it’s still pretty nerve-wracking! The first treatment was about a month ago, another about a week after that and the last was about a week and a half ago. So, how am I doing treatment wise?

(close up of the area)

(different camera)

I should mention- I have keratosis pilaris, so not all the little bumps are caused by electrolysis :slight_smile:

It seems a bit early in your treatment for this, but those may be tombstones. In other words stuck little bits of hair that were left in the follicle, but are dead. If they poke their head above the skin, but dont seem to “grow” that would confirm it and theycan be removed with tweezers. Try to resist the urge to pop them like a blackhead though.


I don’t think these are tombstones… Mysterious! I had a wee try with some tweezers, and they got visibly longer, by quite a bit. It looks like a growing hair now, so it might be an ingrown after all?

I accidentally plucked one (oops) by tugging too hard and I think it was a still growing hair.

I don’t know. I will make an appointment with my electrologist for Monday anyway and get her to have a proper look, I guess I’m just paranoid that this is bad treatment and I’ll never be free from my hair. I suppose that must be a fairly common thought, though…

It appears to me to be new hair ready to poke through the surface. The picture is fuzzy, unfortunately.

You are just beginning your hair removal journey. Stay patient. 90 minutes of total treatment is just toe testing the water. There are more groups of hairs to surface. Time it right so you keep up with the growth to keep the area clear.

Have you been a tweezer or waxer?

Well, I’ve solved part of the mystery. They ARE smaller hairs, but my KP being worse at the moment means they got stuck sort of under the bumps in my skin in some places. So it’s a temporary ingrown situation with some of them! KP seems to be really awful for getting hairs stuck for me.

Nah, never. For me plucking took too long and waxing cost too much. I guess my laziness has ended up making it easier for hair removal in the long term, though.

Thank you both for the replies!

Hi Dragons, for the sake of your skin, I would advise not using products like Tend Skin. Especially during electrolysis, you don’t want to do anything that will dry out your skin. For a gentle exfoliation use a face wash with glycolic acid and make sure you moisturise well as this helps prevent ingrowns. I prefer oil such as rosehip for moisturising.

I don’t think It will be a regular product for me, but it does seem to have worked in the worst ones. I do use a gentle exfoliate that works for me, I do moisturize. It’s more of an additional thing for the worst. Maybe something more gentle would be better, but I despise using oil on my skin. I can’t stand the feel of it.

These definitely look like ingrown hairs I have started getting them under my arm I have used an epilater for a couple of years now. I have also been having Brazilian waxes for last 6 months and couple of days ago noticed a bump just like this, on the inside of my thigh outside knicker line. I got my exfoliate gloves on in shower and the longest hair ever came out ewww lol sometimes they come out on there own other times they are still attached when let lose. But definitely ingrowns. Shall be buying a new epilater in the hope to improve current situation, you need to exfoliate more but gentle on face.