OneTouch / Uniprobe Lite : Beginner concerns

Hi there !

My brother and I inherited hairy backs/shoulders \o/
The surface to be treated implies high expenses (at least in France in our area). Therefore, we looked into DIY permanant hair removal and found out that even “professional” electrolysis system where cheaper than having our backs done by a dermatologist… :confused:

After reading through a lot of scam, we are facing 4 main choices :

  • Onetouch (seem unbelievable that it actually works but… not much to loose)
  • Uniprobe Lite
  • A high end unit (to be determined)
  • Give up >_<

Problem is, ebay is not an option. Any foreign item considered as “beauty product” ends up with the now classic and plain stupid :

Unfortunately, access to this particular listing or item has been blocked due to a Paris commercial court decision that bans trade of certain authentic perfumes and cosmetic products on eBay because of French selective distribution laws. eBay is appealing this ruling but is nevertheless required to enforce it. We are blocking your viewing in an effort to comply with this court decision. Regrettably, in some cases, we may prevent users from accessing items that are not within the scope of the decision because of limitations on existing technology.

(any cosmetic item, even hydrating cream, will give this result…)

So the only option is going through a normal retailer providing international shipping…sigh

Uniprobe lite seems nice but there are very few review out there. Should we go for this one ? Should we first try the onetouch-cheap-thing (this one scares me ^^) ? Should we definitely try to get a more advanced model and… are there any “advanced” item under 800$ on an online retailer with international shipment…? :confused:

N.B. Time is not an issue. Going through a long period of trial & errors, reading books on the subject (I’ve seen a few good ones on this forum ^^) is not an issue. I just want to be sure that I get a reliable system that will remove hairs really permanently.

Thanks !

edit: Bonus question : are “blend” epilators that much better ?

You are at the same place I was last November. I now own:
one touch
uni probe lite
clareblend mini-blend
Fischer CB-2

The last two I bought on ebay which I saw is not an option for you.

One touch is electrolysis only. Also it only works with their needles. The needles are spring loaded so its hard to get real insertions. It might be ok for an odd hair here or there but my back to back comparison of galvanic-only to blend is that galvanic takes much longer and is not as effective.

Uni-probe lite is thermolysis only. Its limited to bursts no longer than 3-seconds so you find yourself having to zap numerous times. Hairs don’t epilate very well. James Walker advised me not to buy this unit and I should have listened to him.

Between the Clareblend-mini blend and the CB2, I like the mini-blend. I have posted already a detailed comparison. Both are currently available in similar models. Clareblend Essence and Fischer CBX. The CBX has pedal operation and autosense. The older CB2 has autosense only and sometimes you can feel the sensing current which I don’t like.

Uniprobe has a blend machine but I can’t say anything about it. It is less less expensive than the Essence.

I’d say yes you definitely want a blend machine based on my experience with the units I mentioned. Although, one of the newer fast pulsing thermolysis units (like the Apilus)might be worth looking into. Its too bad you can’t get ebay to work since I got my mini-blend and CB2 for around $400 each.