OneTouch -- tips for bikini area removal?

I’ve just received my one touch, and am planning on having my husband work on my bikini region. Knowing that I have a low tolerance for pain, I bought some Emla cream to help with that. I’ve read through most of the posts in here, and know that some other folks have worked on their bikini region as well. Can you please give some specific tips, as far as preparation, and for during the process? Stuff you wish you had known before starting? Thanks for any help.

both of you should first practice inserting on leg hairs with the treatment energy off so that you can get the feel of both what you feel as you slide the probe in, and what the person getting treated feels as you do it. This will co-ordinate your touch of hitting the bottom of the follicle with the person’s experience of what happens when you blow it. Believe me, you will catch on quickly when pushing to far hurts YOU. This is how we help students develope the touch in schools.