Hi everyone

I am new to this site, and I was so pleased to read that Im not the only one who is tortured by body hair, its been the bain of my life for so long and has made me so unhappy but thats another story.

I recently purchased the one touch system mainly to use around my belly button, as I have always wanted to wear a bikini on the beach, or not be ashamed to get pregnant for fear of showing tummy off.

I have tried many things to help this problem including the babyliss E3 which is a total waste of money, as didn’t work one bit.

In a last ditch attempt I searched the net and came across the one touch which I have seen has the potential to work on my first 5 test hairs. Today I decided to go for it properly only having a bit of redness last time that healed. But on my first few attempts nothing happened but I battled on through with a few hairs slipping out easily, however now I many red blisters that look horrid and am so scared they are not going to go away.

I can’t tell my boyfriend as I hide it from him and am too embarrest to go to a proffessional. I desperately want to rid myself of these hairs, any tips for carrying on with out scarring.

Thanks K

Yes, go to a professional electrologist. We see hairy tummy’s all day long. The only thing we are judging is the angle and depth of your hair and how to remove it as fast as possible to make you feel better.

Your skin trauma will heal in time. don’t wear tight clothing that will irritate the area and impede the healing. Wash it and massage aloe vera into the little wounds.

You would be surprised at how fast things go to clear the abdominal area. Once you are cleared, you keep going to stay clear until there is no offensive hair left.

Embarrassment is short-lived and then work proceeds and results happen. Please consider doing this the easy way and see a professional electrologist to help you end your unwanted hair problem. Okay?


Thanks so much dfahay

That is the first time I have admitted having that problem to anyone and its really comforting to have someone give you advice on it. I will definately consider proffesional electrologist, at the moment money is tight but you have definately helped in conquering my emabarresment fears. Do you not recommend continuing my own treatment untill then?

Thankyou so much
I see you have offered much kind advice throughout this forum.

Keep up the good work.

Thanks K

Why thank you for you kind words. I love exchanging thoughts with questioning consumers, but loathe the spammers that crash in here from time to time to muck up the environment.

Anyway, yes, if money is tight, you could go ahead and continue your One Touch work, since we’re talking about your body and not your face. I never would want to encourage one to do their own face work. Maybe you will conquer the skill part and take off just fine to reach the finish line. Many, many years ago I was determined to try the same route and it was just way too slow for me. By your name, Miss Determined, I just have the feeling you are patient and you just may get this done!

Make sure your insertions are as accurate as possible and as deep as needed. Watch the top of the skin for any “angry” looking changes so you don’t overtreat. Okay? Good luck.


hi as a post grad mental health professional

i can honestly say that there is a lot of emotion attached to what can be a ‘cold’ service

i applaud you for you candid statement

and well done for coming here

they are great bunch and we will all try to hep you <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> mentally and physically <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />