One Touch

I have been using one touch on my hands for a few months with intermittent success. I have also been using dipaltory creams to eliminate hair that I was not treating with the one touch. It has recently dawned upon on me, that zapping all the hair on my hands will actually look quite ridiculous. I have rather hairy arms so it looks extremely unnatural when all of the hair on my hands has been epilated. It wasn’t as noticeable in the past, but I am in my mid 20’s and have been growing a lot of new body hair as of late. I have therefore decided to forego the electrolysis for now, and just keep the hair trimmed down. Does anyone have any suggestions? Can you “thin” your hair with electrolysis? I would imagine that an electrologist would have to be rather skilled, almost artistic, to achieve a balanced look with the rest of your body hair.

I might suggest that you use a regular electric hair clipper with a 1/4-1/2" attachment to trim your body hair. I use a 1/4" attachment all over and it works great, but you might want to start with the 1/2" one and see how you like it. I still have all the hair, of course, but it’s not long, curly and thick like normal. And it’s not all just 1/4" long either, as most of the hairs grow at an angle, not straight up. It looks very natural, actually, and no one has ever noticed or commented.

I find that after a fresh trim on my arms, I can use the clipper with no attachment on the back of my hands to cut the hairs real close and it does not look strange since the thick mat of arm hair is reduced to balance. Does that make sense?

I also have a Micro-Touch trimmer ($9.99 most anywhere) that I sometimes use on the back of my hands - more manueverable than a hair trimmer. I also use it to completely trim hairs that I really don’t want at all, like on the top of my shoulders and my toes.

I usually trim everything whenever I get a haircut, say every 7-8 weeks. I love the look and the feel and it’s not so messy to put on suntan lotion any more!

Good luck. :smile:

Thanks for the advice…I have to think long and hard about actually shaving down my arm hair…I don’t mind the arm hair much, it is just the hair that has suddenly started growing on my hands…I am starting to look like my grandfather at 26 years old! I agree that using a clipper is a fantastic idea for trimming hair…I think that someone should concentrate on developing a body hair shaving device for men that would trim hair more naturally. For me, that would be more valuable than something that completely removes all hair. Thanks again.

I was mainly responding to your following statement: “I have rather hairy arms so it looks extremely unnatural when all of the hair on my hands has been epilated.”

By trimming, not shaving, the hairs on your arm, you can then completely remove the hairs on your hand (shaving, close trimming, etc.) and it won’t look so unnatural. That’s what I do and it looks extremely natural.

Try it - if you don’t like it, just wait a while - it will always grow back! :wink:

ok, cool…thanks.